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Is the machining of iron parts in CNC machining centers good or hard?

The machining of iron parts in CNC Machining center is good or good. The machining center of CNC machining center is hard or good. It is a common workpiece. Many customers have not used machining center to process iron. I will ask, "Is the machining center of CNC machining center a good hard track or a good track?" This question is indeed a problem that many users will encounter when processing CNC machining centers. Today we answer this question and analyze the specific hard track. Before using the track, first as a CNC machining center manufacturer, you must ask what the iron parts the customer wants to process, how big the size is, whether it is finishing or roughing, etc. If you don't understand these details, even As a professional manufacturer of CNC machining centers, it is not good to give an accurate answer. Generally speaking, the iron parts that we often say are relatively large workpieces. Of course, we do not rule out special cases. Then we will use larger iron parts.
The large-sized iron parts are of high quality, and the cutting amount is generally large. In this case, the hard rail is most suitable, the hard rail has good rigidity, strong earthquake resistance and strong bearing capacity, and is suitable for heavy-duty cutting. If you use a linear NC machining center, it is not very good, and even damages the guide rail. The rail is likely to be deformed due to the inability to withstand heavy-duty cutting. Therefore, when customers have special requirements, our CNC machining center manufacturers generally recommend customers to use hard-track CNC machining centers, and the same type of CNC machining center hard rails are cheaper than the line rails, and the CNC machining centers with large strokes are like The 850 and so on are all optional without line rails, because these large-stroke CNC machining centers generally do heavy-duty cutting.
Second, the CNC machining center hard track is better than the line rail. The above also has a slight mention of the advantages of hard rail, high rigidity, good shock resistance and strong load-bearing capacity. These advantages come from the structure of the hard rail. The hard-track CNC machining center is The guide rail and the bed are integrated into the CNC machining center, that is, the guide rail is cast on the bed. This structure is much better than the linear machining center of the ball or ball guide, but the machining accuracy and production efficiency are slightly There are deficiencies, but the rail NC machining center is too easy to damage when machining large iron parts. Http:// Is the machining of iron parts in CNC machining centers good or hard? Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center) Is the machining of iron parts in CNC machining centers good or hard?

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